We are a top 3D rendering & animation studio offering tailored solutions in Australia and New Zealand for the construction and sales of your Residential, Apartment buildings, Commercial and Retail properties. We also provide Interior Designing services.

Make Home Designs Easier with 3D Rendering

The construction industry use 3D rendering as a powerful visualisation tool to help clients conceptually “get inside” a building before it’s built. 3D rendering allows designers to create 3D home elements using realistic models in numerous ways, such as landscapes, furniture, textures & many more. By rendering an interactive 3D walk-through of the proposed building before it’s constructed, builders and homeowners gain a much better impression of how the finished project will look like ahead of time. This can be an invaluable tool to show lenders and financial backers to substantiate and help green light a planned project. Widely adopted internationally by builders, developers, and property owners, 3D rendering helps determining cost estimates; accurately measure materials needed; plan complex spaces and ascertain design considerations. These may not be easily seen, even in 2D digital drawings or blueprints, so 3D renderings make designing buildings much easier and more efficient.


Why choosing 3D Home designs Ltd. is the right decision?

  • – 3D rendering services for realistic designs
  • – Crisp details and unique features in every design
  • – Up-to-date on the newest technologies for 3D rendering
  • – Professional service with a well-experienced team
  • – Affordable prices with fast service
  • – Excellent quality design and customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our Services

3D Exterior Rendering

Get a more detailed look using exterior rendering solutions - transforming architecture and real estate business by revealing unchartered possibilities.

3D Interior Rendering

Explore powerful ways to communicate design ideas and entice home buyers before construction is finished by creating realistic, eye-catching visuals of interior spaces.

3D Commercial Rendering

Soak up spectacular views – all through one highly immersive visual tool that’s sure to give you the edge when selling or presenting properties

3D Floor Plans

Our 3D floor plans are an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to designing and creating any kind of structure, from a modest family home up to a multi-storey office building

3D Video Walk through

The next best thing to being there, our 3D video walk through is invaluable for those clients who need to absorb details by intuitively interacting in real time

3D Video Fly through

An on the wing flight grants 3D bird’s eye perspectives to a property, taking the viewer on a much more comprehensive sensory journey

Interior Designers

Our expert team of interior designers will deliver high quality designs supported by realistic and accurate 3D rendered details for any interior large or small.


The Latest Trends

Looking to turn your floor plans into a 3D walk-through or animation?

We’ve assembled a talented team of graphic designers and multimedia experts who understand your vision and can translate any concept. Manifestation to marketing – the process need not break the bank! Explore to discover how our designing expertise can make all the difference!


Frequently Asked Questions

3D rendering is a powerful tool that is utilised world-wide to create realistic images of commercial buildings, homes, kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces and outdoor areas, before they’re physically built.

The beauty of 3D rendering is that it can realistically display a detailed representation of how the final product will look. From floor plan layouts, furniture placement, texture of walls and floors, lighting effects – everything can be visualized and finalized before one brick is laid. This invaluable resource helps all people involved in building homes and professionals like interior designers love how 3D rendering can showcase their creative ideas.

We deploy the creative tools of industry leaders – 3ds Max®, Cinema 4D, Autodesk and several other ancillary software applications.

The amount of time it takes to render a 3D model is generally dependent on the complexity of the model. Factors such as material, lighting and texturing also play a significant part in how long it will take to render a model, but 4-5 days is typical.

3D rendering costs can vary greatly depending on the project and the time needed to get it completed. A simple project might not require much time, while a complex scene could require more modelling, lighting, and animation. This which would increase the cost – connect with us here to discuss a quote for your job. There are many different levels of options so no matter your budget we will be able to find a solution that fits your needs.