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After decades in the building industry, we have a significant grasp on what all stakeholders in the construction industry need to solve their various problems. Having walked in their shoes with our own portfolio of developments, we have seen first-hand how positively the clientele responds to realistic imagery to reassure them before the first concrete pile has even been poured. This led to an opportunity in 2022 to create a company that offers the full scope of 3D services and supplementary media.

These 3D videos and 3D rendered images not only help people for marketing purposes during the sale of a property, but the other prime benefit is that people building new can have their eyes opened to see how their properties will look in 3D before it’s built something many find hard to visualise and understand from the standard 2D plans.

With a hands-on approach and immense confidence on these exciting new technologies, our highly professional & experienced team are changing the game in the marketing and promotion of home and building concepts in Australia and New Zealand. Their integrated solutions-based service is the gold-standard in 3D rendering and they’re ready now to be a part of your property story.

The Best 3D Architectural Design & Animation Service in New Zealand & Australasia


3D Home Designs makes high-quality 3D renderings and animations more accessible and affordable for everyone. Everyone should be able to visualize their dream home, and our team is dedicated to making that happen by bringing your vision to life.

We can help whether you’re a real estate agent looking to market a new property, an architect, an interior designer showcasing your work to clients, or a homeowner who just wants to see what your new build home will look like.

Our service is professional, reliable, and affordable – allowing you bring about the outcome you seek.



We help architects, interior designers and property developers bring ideas to life by crafting high-quality images & videos that capture the essence of their designs. Our services support creative vision while addressing early project requirements like competitive tender packages and financing decisions.


A clear visual representation of the project can make a lot of difference when making decisions for project plans and seeking approval from the stake holders and local councils. Crafting powerful 3D images should be part of any effective planning effort.


Visual appeal can be an effective tool for marketing projects. Impressive high-resolution imagery of interiors in the context of their local landscapes creates a captivating experience that will draw prospective buyers in and excite them about what they are seeing.


Our Process Works


Get Started

Let’s start with your instructions on what you need. Tell us about colours, materials, and a brief overview of the project so we can start estimating costs.


Review Design

Provide feedback and any thoughts on our preliminary outline so we can fine tune and make any necessary adjustments based on your first impressions.


Approve Design

Once the draft has the thumbs up from everyone, we’re ready to get your agreement that the design is ok for approval and delivery.


Design Finalised

The finished product is the culmination of our collaboration delivering rendered images and walk-through solutions you’re delighted to view and proud to share.